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Archerfield Airport Terminal

Archerfield Airport Terminal Claimed

Grenier Street and Hudson Place,Archerfield 4108,Australia


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The current Art Deco era Terminal Building was originally the Archerfield Airport Control Tower as well. The glass structure at the top of the building, erected by the US Army Air Force in 1941, has today been removed and the operational Tower is now located on the south-western flank of the airport.

The Terminal Building/Control Tower and many buildings at Archerfield were constructed during the airport's heyday years from the early 1930s to the late 1940s. This was the era in which Archerfield was Brisbane's major airport and it also served as a wartime air base.

Although designed in 1936, the Terminal Building and Control Tower was not completed until 1941, when it was warranted for World War II duties with the Royal Australian Air Force, the US Army Air Force and the Royal Netherlands Air Force, among others. The entire building that today serves as Archerfield Airport's Administration Building was built at a cost of  £15,000 then. Today it houses the Archerfield Airport Corporation administration.

Today the building not only has it heritage preserved, its atmospheric meeting rooms in which air force commanders planned their defence strategies are also a great


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Grenier Street and Hudson Place,Archerfield 4108,Australia