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Archerfield Farm - Beginnings of Archerfield Airport

Archerfield Farm - Beginnings of Archerfield Airport Claimed

Darra 4076

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Archerfield was the name of a 14,000 acre property nearby at Darra. It was further south of the present Archerfield airfield, near Blunder Creek.

One of its earliest owners was a solicitor called William Edward Murphy. It is thought that a Henry Farley may have lived at Archerfield in the 1870s.

Farley and Murphy were joint owners of two nearby properties purchased in 1877 and 1878. When Murphy died in 1881 the property was passed on to his sister, Miss Murphy. The Archerfield Farm property was purchased on June 6, 1882, by Michael Durack of Thylungra.

In July 1929, part of the Oxley Ward was renamed Archerfield by the Brisbane City Council.



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Darra 4076